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Voice Platform design for every business

Our voice platform comes with wide range of product and services which helps to automate any business process and leverage maximum advantages of cloud telephony. Discover the power of cloud telephony. Get all communication solution under one roof. Let your customers connect to you freely, expand your business across the globe.

Quick Fact

IVR can automate the process of reaching out to prospective clients

Enterprise Voice Communication Sytem

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    High Availability

    Yako voice provides redundant cloud infrastructure spread across multiple regions to ensure high availability of cloud infrastructure. The system is well designed and thoroughly tested to work efficiently.

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    Highly Scalable

    Manage a high volume of traffic easily with our distributed design pattern and architecture. Now you can scale your volume as per requirement and ensure smooth functioning of a business.

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    Voice Quality

    Our state of art technology and robust infrastructure is hosted in a modern data center for high availability of bandwidth which provides superior voice quality.


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