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What is A2P SMSC?

A2P SMSC is a short message service center according to the GSM standards. Its purpose is to send SMS on behalf of mobile users and to deal with bulk sms from applications. Its focus is on the Application to Person market and many features have been uniquely developed for that market.

Quick Fact

SMS open rates are higher and faster than email open rates. In fact, 98% of SMS messages are read versus email at 20%.

A2P SMSC Advantages

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    Global & Instant Delivery

    Global reach and presence with 850+ telecom operators with multiple backup routes and redundancies.

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    Dynamic & Multilingual Messaging

    Explore language and personalized messaging freedom with customizable fields. Personalizing your message lets you upload a file with the list of mobile numbers.

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    Keep track of your campaign results with actionable insights into response and overall delivery

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    Go beyond traditional SMS delivery by enhancing user experience to enable layer messages with voice, email, APIs, calls, etc. to meet your requirements.

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    Traffic Handling

    Route Mobile possesses network capability to handle more than 2 billion monthly volume, which further coupled with our sophisticated load balancing process ensures delivery of messages without any glitches.

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    Group SMS & Scheduling

    Manage your campaigns strategically based on customer preferences and schedules to optimize customer response.


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