iConnectt bringing big changes

iConnectt bringing big changes

In the past decade, the businesses have seen major changes coming their way in terms of technology. Those who have adopted the changes without delay are running smoothly, while others are either shut down or are on the same way down. The early years of 21 century brought the internet revolution with them. Now, what we can see on the web was all started a decade ago. Here, when we see closely, we will find that it took 10 long years to the internet to get widely spread in the corporate sector.

But, in case of Smartphone and supporting technology, it took just 3-4 years to overtake the commercial world. This clearly indicates that people are quickly accepting the innovative changes and creating a space for such changes in their daily personal and professional life.

The terms ‘Toll-Free Numbers’ and ‘Missed Calls’ are exactly the new innovation on the way to conquer all other methods for quick client interacting in the corporate houses. The increasing impact of toll-free numbers and missed call technology can be clearly understood from a study, which states – ‘In India, there has been tremendous increase in number of businesses using missed call services and toll free numbers. In the first three months of Year-2015, there has been increment of 21% in the number of people using them.

The main reason backing the overwhelming success of missed call service is its effective nature in making quick reach to the clients and that too at surprisingly low cost. While other methods, like – online promotion and E-Mail marketing have not been able to interact with the targeted audience promisingly.

The corporate world has always preferred the quick and efficient methods in dealing with the end customers and in reaching out to fresh clients. However, online methods were making it easy, but as we know – the desire for more and better is the authorized signature of the business world. Missed call service and toll free numbers not only help in speedy client interaction, but also integrate with other technical methods to improve their performance and in making them more reliable.

From clients’ feedback to verification of online registration, missed call service is playing a key part in almost every crucial area. That’s how; missed call service is waving the commercial industry positively.

With the increasing impact of missed call service, the business sector is changing gradually as their various in-houses processes are now more secured and paced up.