Change in number series w.e.f 10-05-2019


In recent times, we have observed that call drop has become a regular phenomenon. Lack of infrastructure due to rapid technology evolution has been effecting the entire ecosystem in Telecom domain. Over and above, after the entry of Jio and merger of Vodafone & Idea, Voice over LTE (VoLTE) has trigger a new war over POI (point of interconnection).

In the middle of this war we have observed, few service provider, specially Reliance communication have been shrinking their retail business.

Though, it’s not officially communicated, but we has seen similar pattern in SME business of Reliance communication.

Frequently we have faced issues related with lack of point of interconnection (POI), causing, calls not landing intermittently on few circles on Reliance numbers.

In view of above, we have prepared a readiness plan for the customers who are still using numbers pertaining to Reliance communication.We have procured an alternate Telecom resource from a more reliable Telecom operator in the bang lore region.

This is a pro active approach taken by us for a smooth transition of your campaigns.

At this point of time, it is our sincere advice to replace with existing number (08030636xxx / 08030647xxx) to our new series without any charge. You can use both the numbers if required during the transition upto 15 days from the date of migration.

In case you are using your own mobile number, you can easily forward it to the new number. You can drop a ticket for same.

We hope you take this advisory in positive spirit and plan your future activity accordingly.

We are in the process of phasing out all the existing number running on Reliance communication.Finally, the services on all reliance numbers will be stopped permanently w.e.f. 10-05-2019. We request you to complete the migration before 03-05-2019.

Get in touch with your account manager for any help

– HexCare